To Growing Old And Getting By

by Traveler

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Traveler's debut EP


released September 21, 2014

Lyrics & Music by Traveler
Produced at Eternal Summer Studios by Lyle Schmitz, Lucas Burns, Sam Blow



all rights reserved


Traveler Fenton, Missouri

Rock Band From Fenton, MO.

Lyle. Jordan. Nick. Alex.


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Track Name: Did You See Me Catch The Lamp?
Write what you feel; I'm so done
Waiting for the sheets to clean themselves I've gotta
Get the fuck out of this town
You know it's dragging me to hell
At least I'll burn there with you

Running in circles I could never
Find a place for us to settle
Driving hours over state lines
Just to find some common ground
Always finding something better
Every glass we found we shattered
I walked away across the pieces
It was worth each drop of blood I lost

You made a promise that you knew that you'd take back
I was always you’d make up for all the things I lacked
But you burned our home with the ashes of your cigarettes
Now you're all alone
Oh I hope you regret this

One more weekend with this bottle
Then I'm moving on without you
Always knew you wore an anchor
Never knew it tied me down too
You're a storm and I'm a sailor
I'll put miles of sea between us
All the distance drowns the sound of the rain
Forget my name, I've done the same


You said things would be harder
You've never been more wrong
I've found solace in space
Wait for time to erase
All the messes you made with your cynical bullshit

Track Name: Highways
Every time that I
Look up at the black suburban night sky
I see the moon and think of how the wolves would howl
At something beautiful despite their knowing that it's out of reach
And it reminded me of how we used to be
Those warm nights, you had me
Around your finger like a bad romantic comedy
I told you "Stay happy" and you were gone
Well it's been too long now and any hope that I had once left my mind
But darling, I can't help missing the way your eyes gleamed on those starlit nights

She's trouble with a sunshine smile and
She'd never fall this hard
Her touch is like fireworks, her eyes brighter than the stars
She's crazy with the best intentions
Two hearts can break this cliché curse
My heart fuels a fire that just won't burn bright enough for her

And I've never lied awake this long before
Just trying to find the words
To pull you close and tell you never to let go
And the tremor in my lungs is something people live
Entire lives in search of but
We found it here, We've found it while we're still so young
I've always had my silver tongue and heart of gold
But it takes more to pull a hear when it's been
Frozen to the core


I know you spent last summer alone
And I know you liked it like that
Here's to making the best
Of the short time we had
Here's to making the best
Of the nights when I thought
There was something beating in your chest

Track Name: The Past Is The Past
I won't lie
I'm in the worst state of mind
Haven't slept in a week
But when I drink I'm just fine
I see your picture and stare
And forget you're not here
For a second things feel fine

But you don't see me anymore at all
And I know you're still out there breaking hearts
And I don't know where I'd be
If you hadn't broken me
But I can't put myself back together till you come back to me

I won't lie, I've been hiding too long
I built walls of my failures and built them too strong
I'll look past them with pride now
I'm treading the waters just fine
But you're on my mind


And I've still got pictures on nightstands
They fall to the floor every now and then
There's just something In
The rear view mirror
Yeah I still believe in the good
When you were mine
Track Name: Chicago (Now You're A World Away)
How'd it feel
To wash the sheets a second time
I know that it hurts on my end
Hold this close
The pain will help to make the good times bette
r Like rain makes better weather

We were bright like the sunrise
Washed over the suburbs each day in the fall
And we were fast like the summer
We knew it would never last at all
Make no mistake, this is me
This is where I wanna be

One last time
I ask you not to throw away
The photographs we posed for
One last night
I'm sick if sleeping all alone
I'm strangling my pillows
Trying to hold on to you
Trying and failing
I know this is bad news

Track Name: Top Of The World
We came here when we couldn't sleep
We came here when heartbreak was all we could see
We came here to laugh till we cried
We came here when this was the only place to hide
No matter what the world threw down
This was the only place in town
To come and heal when we had been hurt
To find a little peace when we were

Broken and heartless
But that didn't stop us
The stars were beneath us, and smoke filled the air
We talked till the sun rose
And fogged up the windows
Yeah I know for sure that we grew the most
here at the top of the world

This is my refuge when suburbia feels barren
This is my castle when my house is not a home
When all the bombs fall, this place saves me from the fallout
This is the place I go to feel like I'm alone
When the streets feel like oceans and my sails tumble down
This is where I take back the helm


I hope the memories that I've made don't fade
Of finding solace, I feel like I've been saved

Track Name: To Growing Old And Getting By
Tuesday, 2 A.M.
In the parking lot again
Of the walmart up the street
From house I used to live in
It's been hard just getting by
And I hope that things will end
And I'd kill to have the chance
To brush it off and start again
So please

Tell me
Where did the time go?
Are you with me or are we
Better on our own
I can't read All the signs on this new road
So if you could, tell me Where did the time go?

At first it seemed these years would just drag on
A bridge that never reached that final chorus in a song
And no one has it figured out just yet and it scares me to death
To stare at a clean slate with nothing in hand


If I had one wish id wish for
Another chance to soak it all in
And if I had my way, then this stage
Would be my home all over again
But all those things
All good things
Must come to an end

Remember the ending, remember the star
Remember the friends and remember the heart
Remember the rain the day you crashed your car
Remember the people who made you the person you are